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/ 575 days ago

World Cup diary: attending three group stage matches in one day

November 25th and I wake up in Qatar ahead of a frenetic day of World Cup action where I will be watching three games, in three stadiums. It’s a hot dry Doha morning, my tent is quickly heating up, but it’s tolerable. I open the tent flap for the air to flow and to get […]


/ 593 days ago

Stadium 974 set for deconstruction and transfer

Stadium 974 is one of the more talked about World Cup venues. Now, it faces deconstruction and transplant to a new location. The stadium is the first temporary stadium in World Cup history, and it marks a new age in soccer architecture. Builders used 974 recyclable shipping containers to construct it. The number lends its […]

FOX Sports

/ 616 days ago

FOX's World Cup set in Qatar is huge

FOX's World Cup set in Doha is a sight to see during Qatar 2022. Built at a cost of several million dollars, it is the centerpiece of FOX's coverage of the world's biggest tournament. After all, FOX Sports have exclusive English-language coverage of the 2022 World Cup. Of equal importance, the competitions runs November 20 […]


/ 762 days ago

Hotels in Doha for World Cup 2022

If you are seeking accommodations for the World Cup, hotels in Doha are probably your first thought. At the same time, the hundreds of thousands of fans making the trip to Qatar for the World Cup probably have the same idea. Therefore, options are somewhat limited in regards to where you can stay in Qatar. That […]