Leagues: EPL

/ 103 days ago

Manchester United face Liverpool with desperation on clubs' minds

Manchester United and Liverpool have a deep rivalry featuring some of the world's best players. In the past, the two had eras of dominating over the Premier League and extending its power into Europe. Likewise, both had eras of relative failure. Seasons where no player looked to be a difference maker and the results never […]

Community Shield

/ 127 days ago

2022 Community Shield adds chapter to Liverpool-Manchester City rivalry

On Saturday, the 2022 Community Shield is the stage for Liverpool and Manchester City to pick up where they left off a season ago. Yet again, the two sides face off in direct competition with silverware on the line. The aspirations of both sides for the season far surpass a successful result on Sunday. But, […]


/ 195 days ago

Which countries are FIFA World Cup rivals?

The FIFA World Cup produces rivals that are seemingly exclusive to this competition. In international soccer, the majority of rivalries are geographical. For instance, Mexico and the United States have a heated rivalry as neighbors. Similarly, Brazil and Argentina consistently produce world class talent going head-to-head regularly. Finally, England and Germany date back to before […]