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/ 428 days ago

Disney to offer ESPN TV channel on streaming in future per WSJ

Disney's flagship ESPN TV channel is going to be an offering for streaming services in the near future, per a report in the Wall Street Journal. While there is currently no timetable for when the main ESPN channel is available as a stand-alone streaming channel, it does indicate the progression of cord-cutting in the United […]

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/ 468 days ago

Cable customers pay average of $104/month excluding internet

Cable customers pay a ton of money for television subscriptions. A recent study by Scripps Networks shows that the monthly price for a cable package here in the United States averages $103.90. This does not include a separate internet package. Although cable services do not need internet, many American households that have cable also have […]


/ 505 days ago

ESPN consider hub that lists all streams, even competitors

If you can't beat them, join them. That may be the new motto from ESPN who, according to a report by CNBC, wants to build a "one size fits all" streaming directory. In doing so, it'll combine a list of all available streaming options into one hub where even streams from competing broadcasters are listed. […]

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/ 521 days ago

52% of US households do not have cable or satellite TV

Television technology company Samba TV revealed its latest data regarding viewership in the United States. The "State of the Viewership" analyzed nearly 50 billion hours of linear and streaming throughout the second half of 2022. Findings of the report claim that linear television viewers were at a seven-quarter low. Linear TV is essentially traditional shows […]


/ 531 days ago

Deal Alert: New offers from Peacock, Paramount and Sling

If you’re looking for good deals, here are a few we want to bring to your attention. Any chance to save money is welcome. With the following deals can help watch the Premier League, Serie A, the Champions League, Scottish Premiership and more. Moreover, many of these deals expire within a couple weeks. Therefore, jump […]

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/ 555 days ago

Soccer fans more willing to pay to stream than other sports

Soccer viewers often feel like they pay more to stream the sport. The breadth of the sport splits different competitions on different platforms. Rather than having one centralized spot, soccer fans must delve into two, three or even four services just to get all the content they may want. For example, a Manchester United fan […]

Peacock TV

/ 610 days ago

Are Peacock World Cup games in English?

Peacock is broadcasting all 64 games at the World Cup. The streaming service also has shoulder programming on either side of the kickoffs. However, the Peacock World Cup games are not in English. Instead, all World Cup coverage available through Peacock are in Spanish. That includes actual broadcasts of the 64 games. This extends from […]

World Cup 2022

/ 634 days ago

Cord-cutter guide to World Cup 2022

If you are a cord-cutter looking to watch the 2022 World Cup, there are ample ways to fit that need. Streaming opens up doors otherwise closed by cutting the cord to cable or satellite. Plus, these are often at cheaper rates than the more traditional platforms. However, there is overlap between the two. Of course, […]