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CBS Sports

/ 466 days ago

Morning Footy brings heated discussion to Pro/Rel in US debate

Morning Footy, the anchor show for CBS Sports Golazo Network, once again brought up the hot discussion of pro/rel in the US. The first edition of the show displayed the drama that is promotion and relegation, using Wrexham's dramatic win over Notts County in the fifth tier as a primary example. On Wednesday, the four-person […]

CBS Sports

/ 500 days ago

Morning Footy: CBS may struggle to keep soccer fans glued

In this week's landmark announcement of the new 24/7 soccer streaming channel CBS Sports Golazo Network, one element stands out as a major obstacle. To be exact, CBS faces the impossible task of trying to keep viewers tuned in to its morning show, and keeping everyone happy at the same time. Morning Footy is just […]