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Leagues: Bundesliga

/ 233 days ago

Best Soccer Players in the World Right Now

The incredible skill and creativity shown by soccer players enthrall millions of spectators. Playing at the greatest level requires athletes with exceptional agility, accuracy, and talent, which they display to a new level. But for the current season, who are the top soccer players? These players represent the pinnacle of soccer greatness as they play […]
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Ballon d'Or

/ 793 days ago

Who is the best player to not win the Ballon d'Or?

Sometimes, the best players do not win the Ballon d'Or. That could be based off of a number of reasons. For one, the Ballon d'Or seems to be tied to success through trophies. For instance, the last seven Ballon d'Or winners won either the UEFA Champions League or an international trophy. No one denies that […]