Members of the 20 Premier League clubs will convene in Leicester today and tomorrow for their annual meeting. At the top of the agenda will be a topic that could have a profound impact on the future of the game — determining the league’s global expansion plans.

According to The Press Association, a watered down version of the 39th Game concept will be considered which proposes a number of key friendlies between Premier League clubs around the world each preseason. Possible sites mentioned are South Africa, United States, Asia and Middle East.

If the Premier League does decide to embark on such a concept, I believe the clubs are making a big mistake by compromising so much that the league is left with a friendly tournament that is basically a warmed up version of its current Barclays Asia Trophy competition.

When the world is their oyster, why be so conservative? Why not shoot for the stars and develop an original idea that will excite Premier League fans worldwide? Think big.