The media-dubbed “Arsepocalypse” or “Arsenal exodus” is a huge farce.  According to the British press, Arsene Wenger’s empire is crumbling.  Many Arsenal supporters believe that Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas have one foot out the door when that is simply not the case.

For weeks, rumors have swirled around Nasri and Fabregas.  At various times, media sources have told us that Nasri was to be sold to Inter, then Manchester United, then Manchester City.  Apparently, Cesc-to-Barcelona is already a done deal, but let’s look at the facts.

According to Sir Alex Ferguson, United has already pulled out of the Nasri sweepstakes.  The negotiations were going nowhere.  Wenger has stated that he is unwilling to sell Nasri to rival clubs.  Manchester City was only interested in Nasri to keep him away from Old Trafford, for they have an identical player in David Silva.  Expect Nasri to stay on at Arsenal for at least another season.

The Cesc drama is a little different.

Because Barcelona is unable or unwilling to meet Wenger’s high asking price, the Catalans have turned to the media to support them.  Xavi recently said that Cesc was “suffering” at Arsenal.  Puyol and Pique have been pleading for years for Cesc to leave the Emirates.  On Friday, the mayor of Catalonia said that Cesc is “experiencing a kidnapping” at Arsenal.

If someone were to “kidnap” me, pay me over £100,000 per week, and let me captain one of the top clubs in Europe, I would welcome it. I certainly would not be suffering.  Barcelona has employed everyone from players to politicians as their own PR men.

Cesc himself has said that he is fine at Arsenal.  He is not demanding a transfer or holding the club hostage.  Of course he would like to return home, but his current gig isn’t the worst in the world.  Fabregas is under contract so Wenger will have no pressure to sell him.

Even if Nasri and Fabregas are sold, Arsenal will not tumble into mid-table mediocrity.  Going into this summer, everyone agreed that we needed a centre-back and a striker.  Gervinho is that striker, but the centre-back search is still ongoing.  Once that is resolved, Arsenal will be able to challenge for the top trophies this season.

Arsene is a master talent scout.  One could only imagine what he would do with the money gained from selling Fabregas and Nasri.  I do not want it to happen, but Wenger spotted these players before they were the huge international stars they are today.  He did the same with Vieira and Henry.  Why can’t he do it again?

The media have perpetuated this “Arsepocalypse” foolishness for a very simple reason.  It sells papers and entices people to click on the headline.  Unfortunately, it has been spreading fear throughout the Arsenal-loving world.  Arsene Wenger isn’t buying it and neither am I.