Now that the 2015/16 Bundesliga season has kicked off, the opening weekend was full of exciting matches, plenty of goals and the passionate match atmosphere at games around Germany. But if you watched closely, you’ll have seen lots of unique and eye-opening mascots in the tunnels and on the pitch before the Bundesliga matches started.

It’s fitting then that the latest episode of the Bundesliga advertising campaign (watch episodes 1 and 2 here to catch up) focuses on a few of the more interesting mascots as the American advertising team continues to formulate ideas of how to promote one of the most exciting soccer leagues.

Watch episode 3 of the Bundesliga promotional campaign:

If you haven’t seen the Bundesliga video campaign, here’s a quick summary. Instead of producing a typical, generic video to promote the new season, the Deutsche Fußball Liga takes us inside a pretend advertising agency to see what the creative minds come up with. And hilarity ensues, as well as a few awkward moments.

This week’s episode is part 3 of a four-part series, so watch out for next week’s episode for the finale.

As part of its unique campaign to promote the Bundesliga kick-off 2015, the Deutsche Fussball Liga is giving fans the chance to win an exclusive trip to Germany. Winners will spend 2 nights in Munich and visit the clash of the titans FC Bayern München vs. Borussia Dortmund on the first weekend of October, right in the middle of high noon party time around Munich’s Oktoberfest. Watch this website for more details on how to participate, coming soon!

The 2015/16 Bundesliga season continues this weekend when all of the Bundesliga teams are in action during gameweek 2. Some of the games include Hoffenheim against Bayern Munich and Köln versus Wolfsburg.

For soccer fans in the United States, look at the Bundesliga TV schedule for kick-off times. Plus, for more insight and analysis about one of the best leagues in Europe, visit the English-language Bundesliga website.

Mobile app users, watch the video here.