Does everyone see this picture of the head coach from the land of the pyrimid’s? Does everyone see who we are comparing the USA to in Group B of the Confederations Cup. That’s right everyone the Egyptian National Team is doing the things the USA has failed to do. Actually stand up to their opposition in Brazil & Italy and actually attempt to take six points in their first two matches and so far Egypt has taken half of six. They almost stole a point from Brazil in that whacky 4-3 match but sadly were guilty of giving up a penalty inside second half stoppage time.

I must admit I didn’t watch their match against Italy, but Kartik Krishnayier did and it was a miracle one goal win. Egypt being one of the two underdogs of the group, the referee tried to hand a victory to Italy by calling every foul against them. Where was this mentality with our guys? Where was this wanting to prove to the world that things are getting better for the American player?

As much as I would love to see DaMarcus Beasly regain his form, Freddy Adu to be a strong player for the USA in the middle of the field & Jozy Altidore score at least two goals a match, there problem is a simple thing. They need minutes from their clubs either the ones who signed them, or the ones they were sent out on loan too. These players in all honesty doesn’t deserve to be in a starting eleven. I think they are dangerous coming off the substitutes bench, but not starting eleven material right now untill they get to play in consecutive matches.

There are some players who are with the National Team for the hell of it and they don’t want to show the heart, the passion, nor the desire of wearing the shirt and that is our good friend Deuce. Actually let’s call him Douch. Clint Dempsey has proven that he doesn’t want to be bothered getting called up for his National Team and he assumes he will be handed a spot for the World Cup Squad if they do quailify. It’s not just me that has been harping on the pathetic and disgusting performence of Clint Dempsey. One of US Soccer’s top writters Ives Galarcep has critisized him, John Harkes from ESPN has also critisized Dempsey as well. This man only cares about one thing & it’s definetly not National Team glory, you need club and country to show you are a world class player. Half assing it doesn’t do it for me and it shouldn’t do it for all of you that pay your hard earned money to see our National Team qualify for the World Cup and play in these official FIFA tournaments no matter how popular or not. Did you see the smugness and the arrogance of Dempsey towards the end of the Brazil match? Your down by three goals and ten men to show your flicking heel tricks and yet you can’t find a way all match long to help get the boys into a goal scoring chance. He helped Italy equalize the match by leaving Benny Feilhaber high and dry to get the ball taken off of him by Giuseppe Rossi. That’s how pathetic Clint Dempsey has become.

If all of you want to see Bob Bradley fired by now, I’m not going to stand in your way anymore. Personally I have ended my stance trying to defend him for selecting players that shouldn’t be there while others are either still in MLS or those that do get called up are not sniffing a single minute of the pitch at all who deserve to strut their stuff against the World’s best. I have had it with Bob Bradley putting in players who are either out of position or doesn’t have the will, the heart or the desire to win for the USA.

Who do I feel sorry for besides us the supporters. I feel sorry for Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Bornstein, Jose Francisco Torres, Freddy Adu, Jozy Altidore and Jonathan Spector. These are the players that wanted to prove to everyone around the world that we Americans can play this game & sadly it’s those who don’t care that are wasting our time and our support who can’t get the damned job done.

You can blame Bruce Arena all you want, but at least he tried to have his players be accountable for their actions. It all started in the friendly at Germany before the 2006 World Cup where there was desention in the ranks. Bobby Convey & DaMarcus Beasley started this and now its slowly crept into any and all camps for the Nats. This has slowly but steadily reared its ugly head and now we can see for what it really has become. It’s not a question of talent ladies and gentleman, it’s a question of wanting it. No head & no heart for the National Team and it disgusts me.

Look at the Egyptians. Look at their past two matches in Group B. They were ready to play the World Cup Champions of Italy and the five time World Cup Champions in Brazil. They didn’t need to be motivated to play these two powerhouses of World Football. Just knowing who their opponets were was enough to show the world that they wanted to challenge the best and did so. If only those players that left their passion back in the hotel room brought it with them to the stadium, who knows what really would’ve happened for the Stars & Stripes.