So far this year, the major satellite providers in the United States have added Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus. But for those soccer fans who have cable, especially Comcast, it’s been a frustrating year with no hope of the two channels being added to Comcast anytime soon. Even cable competitor Time Warner Cable seems to be adding both channels across the nation, little by little. So it’s time to send Comcast Cable a message, loud and clear. We want our Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus!

In the past, I wrote an article entitled How to Demand Your TV Provider Adds Fox Soccer Plus or FSCHD. Thankfully many of those providers have now added the two channels, but Comcast seems to be an anomaly. There isn’t a consistent message from them when we can expect the channels to be added. And depending who you talk to, you’re going to get a different story and more excuses.

Thankfully one of the EPL Talk readers, ‘Up The Chels!!’, has been contacting Comcast so much via Twitter that they gave him a helping hand. @comcastbonnie at Comcast has created an online form due to the high volume of similar complaints she has received.

So if you, or someone you know, wants Fox Soccer Channel HD and Fox Soccer Plus on Comcast, please complete this form (and spread the word).