This past Sunday’s titillating Super Bowl underscores what Soccer in the U.S. is missing.  The entertainment value was remarkable.  Even without a rooting interest for millions of fans, it is the sport that comes through under pressure.  This past Super Bowl proved once again that football understands American sports fans expectations.

Granted, there have been some duds in Super Bowl history.  But, football seems to have found a way to keep building a new fan base, year after year.  Even when there have been dull or lopsided Super Bowls, the sport still carries over its fans to the next season.  Sunday’s game will reinforce the NFL’s reputation for being the best the U.S. has when it comes to professional sports leagues.

There are great soccer matches all the time throughout the world’s leagues, but for some reason, MLS seems to lack excitement in its games, and in its playoffs.  There was one great final a couple of years ago, but generally speaking, there seems to never be a last-minute goal or a last-minute anything in MLS.

The NFL has done an exceptional job at developing its game to give fans the most amount of drama possible.  NFL games seem to come down to the end so often, why doesn’t this happen enough in MLS?

Also this past Sunday was an incredible tennis final from one of its major tournaments, the Australian Open.  Again, tennis puts the fans at the edge of their seats.  Tennis allows the fans to go for a rollercoaster ride with the players.  One never knows when a match is put away for good.

In the U.S, there are more soccer players than football or tennis players and there are more soccer parents than football and tennis parents.  Soccer should be able to have a Super Bowl type of event in the U.S. someday, but it seems unlikely that MLS or the USL will be the league to pull it off.  Congrats to the winners from this past weekend, football and tennis.