We’re just over a month from the start of the Premiership season, and right now all 20 EPL teams have unveiled their home shirts for the 2006/2007 season.

Chelsea unveiled theirs today ($64), while Arsenal (pictured right; $73) and Manchester United unveiled theirs last week ($64).

What’s interesting is that many of the clubs this year have reverted to retro designs. which — in my opinion — are better with a cleaner look-and-feel that’ll make the teams appear more professional. Is this an attempt to return to the innocence of “the good old years” or is it just a trend in fashion?

Football jerseys are, of course, big business. For example, Adidas estimated that the 2006 World Cup should help provide more than $1.5 billion (yes billion) in revenue from soccer-related products including shoes and replica jerseys.