We as a nation are still smarting after that disgusting and un-inspired performance down in San Jose, Costa Rica. The terror of Estadio Saprissa has two dragons in it’s den. The Purple dragon during Deportivo Saprissa’s club season and the Red, White & Blue dragon when the National Team hosts important matches in a friendly or during World Cup Qualification. The last several matches when the US went down to Saprissa to play Costa Rica they showed the heart and passion to play competitive. There was nothing being shown by the boys in the white shirts at all.

Listening to Kartik Krishnaiyer’s podcast with Jamie Trecker and Dave Denholm, I have to say that both of them were correct in their opinions of how US Soccer has handled the development of the American player. Sadly the same people who have been at Soccer House in Chicago, Illinois are still there since the days of when this sport wasn’t as popular as it is now. Things need to change and it should start at Soccer House. The mentality also has to change within USSF headquarters when your scheduling matches for the USA. We have never seen Sunil Gulati or any past president try to schedule matches within CONCACAF on the road. Teams keep coming over to US Soil and never have a taste of what goes on in Costa Rica, Guatemala & Honduras, when your scheduled to play them in a World Cup qualifier. It’s also CONCACAF’s fault not to give these countries a chance to host a Gold Cup tournament as a rotation. I don’t mind seeing it here in the USA, but somehow other countries outside of Mexico & the USA must have a chance to host this tournament as well.

What about the players who get called in to play for the national team. We have seen at times when Clint Dempsey has been called in to play he is un-inspiried and wishes he was back at Fulham. That is absolutly un-expectable and he shouldn’t be allowed to wear the colors for the Honduras qualifier and these two tournaments of the Confederations Cup & the Gold Cup. These players need to be taught a lesson when you come to the camp and the start of an important qualifier feeling like “Why am I even here”.

As nice as it is to see both Freddy Adu & Jozy Altidore on the National Team, it’s really sad when these guys aren’t getting any minutes on their club sides, or given to other clubs on loan and they still have no shot to get playing time. How can these two players get called into the National Team and barely get any form of match fitness what so ever. This is getting very frustrating.

And now it’s time to point the guns at Bob Bradley. This was the worst coaching performence in his National Team Career & where everyone who watches this side wanted to see wideopen attacking football, I bet most of you were wishing that Bradley went back to that Bucket formation on Wednesday night. Does he deserve to be fired for this horrible performence? As I have said many times on the posting boards of Big Soccer, and to other people that I have talked to on this issue. Who is coming here from Europe or South America to be our head coach? The answer right now is no one.

No one at all. Not Hiddink, Not Mourinho, Not anyone who is plying their trade in the Premiership. It’s either Bradley or bust till the end of the World Cup as we all believe that we will qualify. They don’t want to come here as they saw Jurgen Klinsmann get played by Gulati and the rest of the US Soccer Cronies. The front office people wants to control everything and they refuse to let go of their power to a coach that they want to control. Sooner than later these things need to change and accountabillity needs to be applied or else just making the World Cup won’t be enough.