Ryan Giggs rightly is held in the highest regard by all true fans of the game, yet the question remains whether he is past his sell by date. Certainly if one were to look at the facts and see he has already scored two goals this season than the argument may seem ludicrous. However, his performances this season have been marked with a sense of sluggishness and downright complacency. His display at Anfield last Saturday left a lot to be desired and not just for clanger in the lead up to Gerrard’s opener. As an experienced player, to give away the ball so frequently was just unbelievable. One must wonder whether loyalty to a player who was a true star in his time, may now be undermining United’s season, if Giggs continues to play how certain are we that he will not make any more gaffes.

United with a wealth of talent from Nani to Young and lest we not forget Valencia and Park, there is no obvious need to include Giggs in their side. Some may hail his experience as fundamental to United’s success, but in reality if Barcelona, Real Madrid or even Manchester City were still playing a thirty seven year old in the middle of their team than they would be slaughtered. Another example of Giggs’s fragility was his performance in last season’s champion’s league final. His performance was just abysmal in a game where he was needed to shine. That performance has seemed to seep into his form this season with his continuing pondering on the ball and general lack of concentration. His stunning goal against Benfica covered up a woeful performance by him during that game where he contrived to continually give the ball away time after time after time! His talent was striking when he was in his prime but, his day is long gone. Last season Garry Neville called it quits after shambolic display away to West Brom, when will Ryan decide enough is enough and stop chasing after appearances to put him into the record books.

Football today is a young man’s game; all the global superstars of the game are young and exciting. Today players need to be young and agile to succeed at the highest level. Gotze at Dortmund is only nineteen and is the future of European football. For every Gotze, see Ramsey, Wilshere or even McCarthy in the premier league. Simply put from a personal perspective football today is no longer a place for old men such as Giggs. To hear him last week come out and say he thought he would continue playing next season made me laugh. While we have all loved and enjoyed the beauty and joy Giggs has brought to the game, if we’re honest enough we must admit his time is now nearing its end. For a man who’s had such a terrific career it would be a shame for him to bow out making mistakes like last Saturday or just letting games pass him by. So for the sake of everyone let this season be Giggs’s last. He should enjoy it and perhaps by the season’s end Giggs will have played a blinder and make me eat my words. Hopefully that will be the case, and wouldn’t it be fitting for Giggs to end his career at the top where he has played his whole life and not the shadow of his former self that he is in danger of becoming if he doesn’t improve his performances.