As a Fulham supporter, this season has been a painful one.

The Cottagers are hovering just above the relegation zone, sorely lacking the sort of player that can turn a draw into an all-important three points.

It seems I’m not the only one that thinks Mark Hughes’ Fulham side is in need of some inspiration during the January transfer window.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Londoners are planning to compete with Everton for the loan services of Landon Donovan.

You have to read between the lines, but both managers seem keen on adding someone next month.

“‘We are missing a Bobby Zamora type and he will not be back until the end of January or start of February if everything goes to plan,” Hughes said. “So if there’s someone we can bring in to help us, we will look at it. But more often than not strikers cost a lot of money at Premier League level, so we will have to see.”

Everton manager David Moyes, who praised Donovan during his loan spell last season, is singing a similar tune.

“We know we need a striker,” Moyes said. “But the sort of money it will cost… it is probably a reality that we will have to look at bringing in a loan player, that it will be the loan market we will need to look at to provide some sort of solution.”

Either way, Donovan will have the chance to play with fellow national team members – Clint Dempsey and Eddie Johnson at Fulham or Tim Howard with Everton.

Donovan, of course, is more familiar with the team and setup on Merseyside and that may factor into his decision.

At the end of the day, it may be something else entirely that enters into Donovan’s thinking.

The need for some good old fashioned rest.

The 28-year-old Donovan has been playing non-stop since the Confederations Cup in 2009, including two MLS seasons, a loan spell last winter and the World Cup this past summer.

He may decide to spend this winter soaking up the southern California sun, and honestly, who could blame him?

I have to admit it, though.

He’d look pretty darn good in a Fulham kit…