Yesterday Germany got their revenge for 2002 World Cup Final loss to Brazil in spades. Today we get a rematch of the 1978 Final between Holland and Argentina. Their newspapers today reveal two nations focused on different emotions; the Dutch are joyful but nervous while the Argentines are reveling in schadenfreude at their neighbor’s nadir almost to the point of ignoring today’s match. Let’s take a look.

Holland’s NRC engages in a clever bit of reverse psychology. Messi is featured furiously pulping de Oranje into juice as the headline reads “why the Argentinians think they’ll win (but of course they won’t).” Inside the paper they try to diffuse any Dutch overconfidence by pointing out the many reasons why they could lose.  If this were in America, they might even call it trolling.

Het Paroolgoes with a more classic staredown between Robben and Messi accompanied by the timid and shy headline “Who wins?”

De Telegraaf has an incredible photoshop of Van Gaal dipping Messi as they delicately dance the tango above Sao Paulo’s Arena Corinthians. And “Revanche voor 1978” needs no translation. But its visual affect is almost ruined by the cluttered front page that crams in oceans of text, and ads for McDonald’s and Dutch-themed underwear.

AD doesn’t feature anything special on its front page, but inside they have some great content alluding to Holland’s Royal House divided.  In one great photoshop, King Willem-Alexander is seen deftly winning the ball from this Argentine wife Queen Maxima.  Another shows him giddily tucking into a steak while she glumly picks at a salad.

Argentina’s papers gleefully wallow in Brazil’s misery. Most papers don’t even feature today’s semi-final on their front page or shunt it to a sidebar.

El Dia(“Let’s go to the Final”) and Rio Negro (“Let’s Scream with joy again”) is one of the few Argentine papers to give their own team any front page real estate at all.

Otherwise it was mostly schadenfreude over Brazil with headlines like “unforgettable” “pitiful” and the clever “Seven Goals and a Funeral.”

It’s understandable for Argentina to dwell on their rival’s destruction while looking ahead to lifting the trophy on enemy turf. It will be interesting to see if the hordes of distraught Brazilian fans turn their support to Holland.