LinkedIn isn’t just the place for successful professionals. It’s also the home to successful soccer celebrities. Here are the top 10 most well-known soccer celebrities that you can find on LinkedIn.
  1. Marcelo Balboa. On the football pitch, Balboa was best known for his overhead kicks. Off the pitch, his claim to fame includes commentating World Cup 2006, Major League Soccer and the Summer Olympics.
  2. Jack Bell. The New York Times soccer columnist (who I called a wanker a while back) can often be found on the excellent Goal blog.
  3. Max Bretos. Most soccer fans in the States either love or hate Max Bretos, one of the commentators for Fox Soccer Channel.
  4. Allen Hopkins. The former Fox Soccer Channel commentator who rose to fame covering Bundesliga games continues to ply his trade at ESPN.
  5. Gabriele Marcotti. The Italian sports journalist is a columnist for The Times, and often appears on British TV and radio for the BBC and Setanta Sports.
  6. Derek Rae. The Scottish commentator is the voice of ESPN’s Champions League coverage.
  7. Phil Schoen. GolTV’s lead soccer commentator and massive Arsenal fan.
  8. Charlie Stillitano. Definitely a mover and shaker in the U.S. soccer world.
  9. Dante Washington. The Columbus Crew veteran is now an ambassador for Major League Soccer.
  10. Sean Wheelock. Best known as the North American correspondent on the BBC World Football Phone-In Show, the Big Wheel is connected.