England made it through to the second round of the World Cup by their skin of their teeth, after a tense win against Trinidad and Tobago.

The addition of Aaron Lennon and Wayne Rooney was the difference for England, after they entered the game around the 56th minute. Instantaneously, the England team as a whole picked up the speed of the game and passed the ball around a lot faster. Lennon, based on his contribution today, has to be a starter for England, but Sven doesn’t have the balls to drop Beckham.

One option would be to drop Lampard (who has been playing awful for England recently) and move Beckham to the middle and let him float, while Lennon attacks on the right and Gerrard controls the middle of the park.

England will hope that Paraguay gets a point against Sweden this afternoon, which will guarantee England first place in the group and will make their match against Sweden on Tuesday meaningless.