There’s very little in common between Arsenal and Blackpool. Both clubs couldn’t be more opposite. But they do both enjoy playing an attractive style of football rather than hoofing it up the pitch. But perhaps one of the biggest differences between the clubs is the number of foreign players that play for both sides.

Looking at the starting eleven for both Blackpool and Arsenal, you can see how stark the differences are (Blackpool played Birmingham, while Arsenal played Manchester City) by viewing the interactive maps below. All eleven players on Arsenal’s side this past Sunday were foreign. And all eleven players on Blackpool’s side this past Saturday were born in the United Kingdom.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it does illustrate the stark contrast between where players are born. If you click on the maps below, it’ll show you where each of the starting 11 were born.

Here are interactive maps of where the players were born (feel free to zoom in and out and move the maps around to get the full idea):

First, Arsenal:

View Arsenal, Starting 11 Birthplaces in a larger map

And here are the locations of where Blackpool’s players were born:

View Blackpool FC, Starting 11 Birthplacess in a larger map