FIFA’s head honcho once again threatened the Spanish Football Federation regarding the possibility of that country’s government intervening in the federation’s affairs. Both the federation and the Superior Sports Council (CSD) are currently in conflict over the elections that are to take place. The CSD found various irregularities and violations that the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) violated. According to FIFA, if federation president Ángel Villar is removed from his post because he did not call for elections, there could be some trouble.

As per judicial regulations, any sports entities (such as football) that did not make the Olympics must have their election in the first semester of the year. “We are not threatening or pressuring, but if there is any action taken against the Spanish Football Federation we will intervene. We are currently waiting on the Spanish authorities’ decision, but they must understand that the government should not interfere in the affairs of any sports organization,” said Blatter in Zurich earlier today.

Based on precedent, FIFA usually sanction any federation that has another government entity intervene. The punishment would mean suspension from international play. This would be fatal for Spain as they are currently qualified for the upcoming Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland this summer.

After Blatter’s statements today, UEFA president Michel Platini then was able to diffuse the situation a bit by stating confidently that he is “convinced” that Spain will be in Euro 2008.