Tom and George’s excellent adventure may come to an end, according to The Observer, as Liverpool owners Hicks and Gillett have not been able to transfer their 350m GBP of debt onto the club.  Should they not meet a Feburary deadline, the duo would likely accept a 500m GBP bid for the club by Dubai International Capital (DIC).

Hicks and Gillett finally have something in common with the rest of us plebs who don’t own our own private jet, they are getting rammed from behind by the sub-prime mortgage and housing crises and eroded bank confidence.  The Royal Bank of Scotland, who furnished the loan for the team, have asked the two owners to put in 20m GBP each from their own coffers as part of a restructuring deal.  At least one of the owners has refused.  What?  You have to pay money to buy one of the largest football clubs in the world?

The DIC bid is headed by Sameer Al Ansari, a Liverpool fan.  Should the bid go through, DIC would, according to The Observer, refocus spending into the development of a new stadium and improving the quality of the squad.  They also will look to pry The Special One away from his undoubtedly lucrative Setanta deal.

The sale has hardly been close to finalized, and the fat-cats at the bank will surely not want to see two of their fellow brethren caught with their pants around their ankles.  There is a high probability they come to some sort of a deal.  However, it will engender some good old fashioned racist rumor-mongering from the tabloids, to be followed with a moralistic rant from Gabriele Marcotti on The Game Podcast.  At least it will provide a welcome respite from transfer rumors and the bipolar Manchester United – Arsenal hubbub.