CBS is part of the massive growing market of soccer coverage in the United States. The Columbia Broadcasting System invested into bringing a number of leagues and competitions to U.S. TVs. It is all part of their continued investment into soccer as a whole.

However, the CBS channel is not necessarily a hub in terms of soccer content. As a provider, the company has streaming services and dedicated sports channels to cover games or shows that bring in less viewers. Most of that content runs through Paramount+. There, the provider allows viewers and subscribers to watch hundreds of soccer games and shows each month.

This is an English-language channel that traditionally carries news and television shows. Sports do appear on the main channel. However, typical coverage centers around college football, college basketball and the NFL. The latter receives two games every Sunday afternoon during football season.

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CBS Network

The content put out by the channel may not be soccer related, but the network owns major rights to a number of leagues and competitions. The primary package of rights held must be the UEFA Champions League. Previously held by Turner Sports and FOX Sports, the Champions League is the biggest club competition.

The CBS channel does not carry any of the group stage or knockout stage games. That is until the final. The biggest club game in Europe does air on the main CBS channel. For the other games in the buildup to the final, Paramount+ and the sports-only channel carry content. For that content, an elite crew holds pregame coverage and there is also a whip-around style show to keep up with all the games.

Upcoming Matches on CBS:

In a similar way to the UCL, there is a chance that the linear TV channel broadcasts major games involving the USMNT. CBS shares USMNT World Cup Qualifying games with ESPN and FOX. Although, in the event of a scheduling conflict, the channel may opt for original content instead of the soccer game. In that regard, the WC qualifying game moves to CBS Sports Network.

CBS also owns the rights to the NWSL, Serie A and other leagues around the world. Again, more often than not, that coverage goes to Paramount+ or CBS Sports Network rather than the main channel.

Soccer Channels

Here’s our comprehensive listing of the different soccer channels available: