When it comes to watching soccer, we’ve watched hundreds of games across ESPN+, Paramount+ and Peacock to determine which are the best soccer streaming services for you.

So, which are the best soccer streaming services? It’s up to each individual. It may be the one that brings you the games from the team you love. Or if you’re a neutral fan, it may be the one below that has the features you use most often. There’s certainly one clear leader at the moment in the United States, having had a much longer head start. At the same time, the others are catching up.

Best soccer streaming services

ESPN+ Paramount+ Peacock
Ease of navigation B C- C
Pause/rewind functionality Yes on all devices No Only on Apple TV devices at this time
Time it takes games to be made available on-demand A C+ F
Multiview availability Yes No No
Picture in picture availability Yes No No
Whiparound show No Yes for Champions League, Europa League and Conference League Not at this time
Technical issues Yes (sporadic login issues via website) Yes (Amazon Prime & PS4 apps don’t have all games available) No
Monthly Price $9.99/month $4.99/month $4.99/month
SIGN-UP Browse offers 7-day trial Browse offer

When it comes to judging the best soccer streaming services, we realize there are so many factors we could have reviewed. But to us, the ones listed above are the most important ones. For example, with the sheer number of matches available, the Multicast feature on ESPN+ is a godsend.

We realize that sometimes you, the consumer, have no choice when it comes to streaming. If you want to watch the Bundesliga or LaLiga, for example, the only streaming service that makes those games available is ESPN+. As of press time, the same applies to the non-televised games of the Premier League. They’re on Peacock.

But as our tastes expand and the choices we have available to us become more plentiful, consumers like you and I may decide to watch soccer games on the streaming services that we enjoy the most. The features that are most user-friendly. At the same time, we may tend to watch less games from leagues that are made available on inferior streaming services.

Searching for the perfect service

Having said that, no streaming service is perfect. None of them have mastered the way to make games available. In our research, the one that has impressed us the most is DAZN. However, for soccer fans in the United States, DAZN doesn’t offer any soccer games, so there’s little of interest for us there.

Streaming services that show soccer games are not like television channels where the features on your remote control are the same for every channel that you flip through. Every streaming service is different. None of the features are the same. With every streaming service we try, we have to get used to the navigation system they have in place in order to find our games. And not every streaming service offers the same functionality. But that can be fun, too. A sense of adventure, in a way.

Want to find out which leagues and cups the streaming services feature? Check out our in-depth pages on ESPN+, Paramount+ and Peacock Premium. And also check out our list of the top 10 streaming services for watching soccer.

Have any questions about the best soccer streaming services? Let us know in the comments section below.