In the coverage of soccer games on television, co-commentators play a key role in the analysis of the sport. They try to add key observations to the game, as well as giving their input on what is happening in front of our eyes. There are many great ones, but they are only a select number that are the best of the best.

Here at World Soccer Talk, we’ve done our research and added our insight to select the 10 best co-commentators in world soccer.

To compile the list, both Kartik Krishnaiyer and I completed our lists of our top 10 favorites. For a more detailed explanation of why we picked the talent we did, listen to the World Soccer Talk Podcast below.

Here are our top 10 lists of our favorite soccer co-commentators from around the world:

Kartik Krishnaiyer’s top 10 co-commentators:

10. Thomas Rongen

9. Landon Donovan

8. Matteo Bonetti

7. Danny Higginbotham

6. Phil Neville

5. Jim Beglin

4. Taylor Twellman

3. Lee Dixon

2. Stewart Robson

1. Owen Hargreaves



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Christopher Harris’ top 10 co-commentators:

10. Steve McManaman

9. Taylor Twellman

8. Landon Donovan

7. Jim Beglin

6. Owen Hargreaves

5. Andy Gray

4. Stewart Robson

3. Ray Hudson

2. Danny Higginbotham

1. Lee Dixon


Who’s on your top 10 list of favorite soccer co-commentators on television? Let us know in the comments section below.