On Sunday’s ‘Last Week Tonight,’ John Oliver spent close to 20 minutes breaking down what is wrong with the way stadiums are publicly-funded in the United States. He specifically pointing out how owners and teams regularly manipulate the cities they are in to gain financial rewards to build new stadiums, and then reap the profits while the surrounding communities see no increase in business.

Oliver is well-known for taking on corrupt organizations and practices and shining a light on what is wrong the systems. For example, he gave a dressing down to FIFA during several episodes of his hit HBO show.

Not only does Oliver break down how sports teams in cities are able to take money from the taxpayers, but he talks about how having a stadium and team might be detrimental to the city as a whole.


John Oliver interviewed by David Letterman on topic of English soccer.

Sit back and watch Oliver rant on a topic that has relevance to soccer in the United States (hello David Beckham in Miami):

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