7 Best Soccer subreddits to Follow


Quickly becoming one of the largest online active communities, reddit is a hive of daily debate, discussion and news from across the globe. Labeling itself as ‘the front page of the internet’, the website is split up into specific subreddits that can deal with anything from random ‘shower-thoughts’ to 19th century Russian literature reviews. While it is fun to spend hours exploring the depths of the Internet’s opinions, with at least 5000 of these subreddits (or ‘subs’ for short), it is easy to get lost.

Here is World Soccer Talk’s guide to help the new user find the most active, accessible and informative subs that any dedicated soccer fan should be checking regularly:

1) r/soccer 


The collective home for fans of the world game on reddit, r/soccer is the place for the all the news, highlights, results and biggest rumors from the showcase competitions. With over 282,000 subscribers (r/worldcup is close with more than 231,000 subscribers), this sub is always packed with opinion and regularly ranks among the highest of reddit’s pages in terms of daily activity. Posts on r/soccer can range from the famous ‘Today I Learned’ (TIL) on an obscure Pele fact, to in-depth interactive discussions on who might be the best and worst players at Manchester United. 

2) r/mls


The only dedicated sub for the North American competition, r/mls covers everything going on in one of the fastest growing leagues in the world. No matter which team you support, this sub is united in their dedication to the MLS, with detailed pre and post-match discussion each week along with all the must-see goals and obscure information that makes reddit great. Users will find the community welcoming and easy to navigate, enabling soccer fans even outside of the USA to keep up-to-date with every second of the MLS.

3) r/football


Even though reddit calls the USA home, eagle-eyed redditors quickly claimed r/football as the home of soccer, not the American throwball variety. While smaller than r/soccer, r/football features more friendly moderators as well as different articles that you may not find on other subreddits. It doesn’t have as many subscribers as r/soccer, but it’s growing quickly.

4) r/LaLiga


The wealth of talent featuring in La Liga this season is simply amazing and should be a must watch for any fan looking for entertaining soccer. At r/LaLiga fans can see all 401 jaw-dropping goals of Lionel Messi in one Youtube video, or see pictures of Real Madrid’s new kit and join in on predictions for the new season. There are also regular posts such as the La Liga Team of the Month and the Weekly Highlights.

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