Vancouver Whitecaps Striker Darren Mattocks Focused On Achieving Success in MLS

Think Darren Mattocks and the term ‘outspoken’ will often be found in his midst. A confident player, who sometimes falls into the realm of cocky, his explosion onto Major League Soccer started as soon as he was overlooked by the Montreal Impact in the 2012 MLS Superdraft.

“They didn’t choose me No. 1 [in the SuperDraft] and I showed them they made a mistake,” the Jamaican striker told after his strike against the Impact in February 2012.

An unquestioned talent, the early emergence of his self-confidence would once again rear it’s head last season. With a confident swagger only few can carry off, Darren Mattocks began to speak. This was a public airing of the gospel according to Darren on Jamaican TV, and one that pulled few punches.

“When Darren led the team as a rookie, Vancouver made the playoffs, right?” Mattocks said, modestly referring to himself in the third person. “My second season, coach have me upon the bench a majority of the season – me and him couldn’t agree. The player who lead MLS in scoring [Camilo] play for Vancouver – how come them [miss] the playoffs? So you read between the lines.”

In a surreal public appearance, the Jamaican openly spoke of potential suitors. He claimed that “every other team in MLS” wanted him playing forward. Regardless of how valid his statement was, word of his comment quickly filtered back to Vancouver.

Releasing a statement shortly after the event, club president Bob Lenarduzzi said: “Vancouver Whitecaps FC have not lost faith in striker Darren Mattocks; however, the club does not tolerate the type of behavior he displayed on a Jamaican TV show earlier this week.”

The situation certainly seemed to have an impact on the youngster: “I need to take a hard look at myself,” he tweeted. “I will use [the] offseason to improve on & off the field to be a positive player, teammate and member of Whitecaps FC and the city of Vancouver.”

It’s a promise he seems to be intent on delivering upon. Although his goalscoring form sits at a modest 2 goals in 7 games, there is a far more intriguing statistic surrounding the 23-year-old. For the first time in his young career, Mattocks was playing his seventh game in a row.

Speculation over his future will never dampen, even if that is due to the man himself fanning the flames. However after losing Camilo in the off-season, Vancouver need a new figurehead, and Mattocks could be just that man.

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