Earlier this week, Manuel Pellegrini began his first day at his new job as Manchester City manager. While there was nothing explosive about his first 24 hours as City boss, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch a video from Manchester City’s City TV that provides a fly-on-the-wall narrative of Pellegrini’s first day. And surprisingly, even though I’m not a Manchester City supporter, I found it completely absorbing.

As you will see in the video below, it’s incredibly silent. Pellegrini is a soft spoken, quiet character who doesn’t say much but instead takes everything in. I’m looking forward to seeing how he carries himself in future press conferences, but this is a man who seems to have a clear vision of what he wants and how he’s going to achieve success at City.

As well as providing insight into Pellegrini, the man, the video gives a wonderful behind-the-scenes tour of Manchester City’s Carrington training complex as well as the Etihad Stadium. I’m always fascinated by what happens behind the scenes, and this video did not disappoint.