The soccer world this morning is still recovering from the shock of Sir Alex Ferguson announcing his retirement. While the history of what Ferguson has achieved is incredible, his departure from Manchester United will change everything. 

Here are the 7 ways that Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement changes everything:

1. We’ll never see a more accomplished manager in our lifetime. Forty nine trophies is an incredible haul by one manager, and one that won’t be surpassed by any top flight manager in our lifetime.

2. Beginning this summer, other teams in the Premier League will try to exploit the number one weakness at United — no Ferguson. This change could encourage clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea to spend more this summer with the knowledge that it could help them knock United off their perch.

3. No matter who steps into Ferguson’s shoes, he’ll always be compared to Ferguson. The Scot has left such an amazing legacy at the club, that no matter how well or not the new boss does, it’ll be under Ferguson’s shadow.

4. It’s too early to tell, but this could signal the end of Manchester United’s supremacy in the Premier League. It’s quite possible that United’s run of being the most successful Premier League club could come to an end in the next few years. How much of an impact Ferguson has on the club and its players will soon be revealed.

5. The fear factor is gone. Old Trafford has been a fortress for the past two decades. Without Ferguson managing the club, sides may be more adventurous when playing at Old Trafford knowing that they won’t be as intimidated as before. The same applies to referees who may not be as concerned by the pressure of making a key decision against United at Old Trafford.

6. Who will be the next great manager in the English Premier League? With Ferguson getting ready to retire, it’ll create a vacuum in the league in regards to which manager will be deemed the most successful. While Arsene Wenger has a long history of success, Arsenal’s form in the last eight years has been embarrassingly poor in regards to not winning any trophies. With Ferguson going, this could give other managers like Mancini, Benitez (at a new club), Mourinho or someone else a chance to take the throne as the best in Britain.

7. We could see a player exodus at United. I’m sure that one of the major reasons why several Manchester United players signed with the club was because of Sir Alex Ferguson. While the club and money has a strong hold on the players, it’s only to be expected that some players may decide to leave now that Ferguson is retiring. Don’t be surprised to see rival clubs trying to pluck key players away from Old Trafford.