Niccolo brings up an interesting debate in his weekend review post that I wanted to put to a vote.  This weekend we saw two incredible goals in Serie A, and I will throw it out to the readership to vote on which one was the best.

Contender #1Ilicic’s Opening Goal Against Fiorentina

Josip Ilicic’s goal was the first of the match and one of two scored in Palermo’s 2-1 defeat of Fiorentina this weekend.  The angle and arch of the shot is what makes this so beautiful – as it leaves his feet you know there is no chance Frey will save it.  Extra points for this video showing the shirtless fans celebrating like it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Contender #2 – Pirlo’s Game Winner Against Parma

Pirlo’s return to action saw him score the first Milan goal from anyone besides Ibrahimovic in the last three matches.  What makes this an amazing goal is the distance from where he launches it, and you don’t actually think it could work until the ball lands in the back of the net.  It proved to be the only offense on the day and allowed Milan to remain within two points of the top of the table.

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