For the fourth time in three years, the Galaxy and Burn, I mean Hoops, or whatever they are called these days, has played an entertaining game of the highest sort. This is a big break for MLS, as two of the biggest TV markets in the country are featured in this budding rivalry.

Beginning with the Superliga match in 2007 which saw eleven goals scored, through LA’s show that led to Steve Morrow’s firing as FCD manager through last night, no matchup in MLS, or perhaps the football world has been as exciting rivalry on the planet.

MLS is hard pressed to find a consistently large TV audience. The ratings for the league are poor, especially when forced to compete with European or Mexican Football and College (American) Football. But the FC Dallas-LA Galaxy series has promise.

David Beckham, Landon Donovan and a large number of international veterans (LA Galaxy) facing off with, Jeff Cunningham, the second all time leading MLS scorer, and the best core of young American players in the league (FC Dallas). MLS has to think bigger picture when marketing certain matchups: big TV markets and attractive storylines.

Neither FC Dallas nor the LA Galaxy has been particularly successful the last few years. But from an entertainment standpoint, the rivalry has unlimited potential.

Goal galore and superstar quality to boot: Large TV markets and incredible on the pitch passion.

What are our readers thoughts about the excitement level provided by this series in recent meeting?