One of the Bundesliga’s funner 4-4-2’s.

Rene Adler
Near Elder (if word about his back is true)

Paul Stalteri
Ultra Pilates (perhaps, but what about Ultra defending?)

Michael Gravgaard
Alarm! Vice! Haggard! (Jol! Agrees! Some!)

Daniel Van Buyten
Banal, Even, Untidy (it’s almost kind, even)

Dino Drpic
Drip In Cod (and on the field at that – eek!)

Carlos Eduardo
Sour Cad Ordeal (Indeed!)

Kevin Prince-Boateng
A Bicker Venting Peon (Nice!)

Patrick Ebert
Car Biter Kept (had they kept him longer, they may have won the title)

Orlando Engelaar
General Anal Odor (well that’s one way to put his playing style)

Mario Gomez
I Go Raze, Mom! (yes you do bonito)

Lukas Podolski
Paid Solo Skulk (EERIE!)

This is a fun exercise, but please shame me with better! 🙂