New Bavarian National Team Captain?

If you thought that Pranks, Jokes and Shenanigans on April Fools Day are to be expected you are correct. Even the sometimes more reserved Germans participate in this day with fervor and the German Soccer press is no exception.

Here are some of the things to be found in the press in Germany today:

The  Berliner-kurier has a story on Jogi Löw making Hertha’s Keeper Jaroslav Drobny the new German Nr 1 in goal.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine has this story  about the State of Bayern wanting to qualify for the European Championships 2012. Question is who will be the coach for this team, Lothar or Markus?

The Website has a report of Kevin Kuranyi being spotted at the Airport in Cardiff, Wales. When asked what he was doing there he said “I am going to support the team from the stands and since Mario Gomez can’t seem to score a goal, maybe I will get another chance.”

The Fanzine 11 Freunde has this story on Stefan Effenberg being named the new Manager at Schalke. His comment: “The situation is hopeless, but not critical.”

Along the same lines the site has this report  about the duo of Mirko Slomka and Rudi Assauer making a shock return to Schalke.

Mario Basler is getting a street named after him in Trier according to an article that appeared this morning. In the report it is said the Bar Owners and Cigarette Distributors have lobbied the City of Trier since last September to make this happen.

Not to be outdone, Felix Magath is also getting a street named in his honor according to to the aller-zeitung and the VW Orchestra will be there to play for him. Rumor has it that if Wolfsburg win the Championship that he will get a statue or VW will name a car after him.

The Hessischer Rundfunk on their online site is reporting that a Turkish business man wants to replicate the Hoffenheim experience with the suburbs own SG 01 Höchst.

And in a special report the abendzeitung has the scoop that FC Bayern is going to pay 1860 the amount of 18.6 Million Euros in reverse Rent to get them out of the Allianz Arena. To make up the amount paid to the Blues, Boris Becker will have a monthly TV Poker Show broadcast live from the Arena.

There is however no truth to the rumor that all blogging activities about the Bundesliga will be stopped in the event that Hertha actually win the Championship.