Former Chelsea boss and current “I’m on Setanta Sports” presenter Jose Mourinho has had discussions with Inter Milan about becoming their new manager.

Current Milan boss Roberto Mancini previously mentioned he would resign at the end of the season, before retracting the comment one day later.

The situation would be ideal for Mourinho.

The man is naked in his ambition.  He’s not taking a second-tier Tottenham or England job.

Inter are one of the richest clubs in Europe.  Massimo Moratti will spend liberally to bolster the squad.  Mourinho would have the funds to fashion his own squad to conquer Europe.

Unlike other potential suitors like Real Madrid or Barcelona, he would also have untethered control of the purse strings.  He won’t be handed an unwanted 30m GBP striker or compelled to quibble over change to buy an extra defender.  He can be “the man” without regard for petulant pissing matches.

He could also feed his ego by playing the Milan Messiah and winning in Europe.

Signing Mourinho would be a masterful move for Inter as well.

There are no better managers in Europe, particularly that are available.

Mancini lead the team to a Scudetto last season, and has them in first place currently.  However, last year was an erratic post-Calciopoli season.  This year they have won two of their last seven matches with their lead slipping.  They have been eliminated in the first knockout round of the Champions League both seasons.  Their success has been more fortune than substance, and it would be unrealistic to expect to compete in coming years by maintaining the status quo.

Mourinho is the ideal man to rebuild and to reload Inter’s squad into an effective team that can win in Italy and perform in Europe.  He may begin immediately by poaching Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard from his previous place of employment.

The deal makes sense for both sides.  It will be interesting to see whether or not another Titan will try to sway him.