If a tree falls in a forest and there is nobody to hear it, does it make a sound? Or in footballing terms, if Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side goes on to win the treble or quadruple this season, will he still get the sack? I honestly believe that Roman Abramovich is mad. It appears extremely likely that no matter what Mourinho does this season, Abramovich’s plan to bring in Guus Hiddink and form a committee to govern the team will happen.While no one can doubt the talents of Hiddink, I honestly don’t believe he’ll be able to achieve more than Mourinho. The only difference perhaps is that he’ll allow Chelsea to play a more attractive brand of football on the pitch to turn Abramovich’s smirks into smiles.The Chelsea fans won’t be smiling though. They’ve formed a massive bond with Mourinho. Jose’s replacement will have the almost impossible task of winning the fans over. And you know that whoever it’ll be (Hiddink or someone else), they’ll always be compared to Mourinho behind their backs and in the press. Not easy shoes to step in to, to say the least.Abramovich risks losing the support of the fans, too. He was welcomed with open arms when he bought the club and opened his checkbook. However, the patience of the Chelsea fans with Abramovich will start to run out if the new manager is unable to replicate the success that Mourinho achieved.It’s ridiculous, really. The more Mourinho keeps on winning in the next few weeks will garner more support among the fans and press; thereby increasing the pressure on Abramovich to question whether he should let Jose go or not. I’m still convinced that no matter what happens, Mourinho will leave due to the friction that exists between Abramovich and Mourinho. In doing so, Abramovich is breaking one of the golden rules of business: making the sacking of Jose a personal decision, rather than a business one. And for that, I believe Chelsea will suffer.