FA Chairman Sets England Performance Goal of Winning 2022 World Cup: Daily Soccer Report

FA Chairman Greg Dyke has set a performance goal for the England national team of winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Dyke, who publicly shared his vision today, wants England to reach the semi-finals of Euro 2016 and win the 2022 World Cup tournament in Qatar.

In my opinion, it’s an empty speech. Dyke discussed that he’ll chair a commission to investigate the decline of English players in the Premier League, but all talk and no action isn’t going to change anything. Dyke has an incredibly difficult challenge ahead of him. The easy part is announcing lofty goals of England winning the World Cup. The challenging part is coming up with a solution that will make England footballers more competitive. The Premier League isn’t the problem. The lack of English talent is.

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6 thoughts on “FA Chairman Sets England Performance Goal of Winning 2022 World Cup: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I can’t speak with firsthand knowledge but I heard Harry Redknapp and Neil Warnock say on a radio interview that English boys just aren’t playing football as much in the street or school fields. Kids aren’t kicking the ball to school and playing until it’s dark. The quality isn’t good enough therefore the pool has shallowed. English kids are playing video game FIFA football while other kids, especially in under-developed countries, are playing the real game. It’s going to be a hard task reversing that.

  2. 2 things are hindering England developing good young players
    1) They cost too much. Why pay 20-25 million pound for an english player when you can go get a foreign one for 5-10 million who’s just as good if not better??
    2)Premier league teams being barred from having B teams.

  3. Something has to be done, I don’t think that there is a lack of talent.

    I think that in Spain, Italy, and Germany etc that the national team is of vital importance to the people.

    Stop the recruiting of overseas youngsters for English Academy’s may be a good start.

    I don’t think He’s said anything wrong from an England Fans perceptive.

  4. There can be no doubt that the EPL is failing the England team. The stats don’t lie. The cynical short sighted view often expressed on here is to ignore or deny there is a problem. Or fail to see that it is in the long term interest of the EPL to have a strong England team. Mark my words, the path we are on will hurt the EPL down the road.

    The current adversarial relationship between the clubs, Scudamore and the FA is the first thing that needs fixing. Nothing can be done while everyone is looking out for themselves alone.

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