Many professional footballers go into punditry, while others continue to advertise products for some of the world’s biggest corporations. Others, meanwhile, take up ambassadorial positions at their former clubs and others just seem to disappear off the face of the earth.

Perhaps the most famous instance of a former footballer appearing in the news was when Terry Bradbury, a former Chelsea player in the 1950s, struck it rich by winning the Euromillions and landed an impressive £5.5 million scoop.

It’s crazy to believe that a former professional footballer is fortunate enough to not only play for a major club like Chelsea but to also win the Euromillions. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get in contact with Bradbury and ask him to place a selection for you on one of the new online scratchcards available at Lottoland!

Either way, not all footballers have enjoyed that same level of fortune and others have had to go on and take on other jobs to maintain their pricey lifestyle. Here are a few examples of famous footballers and what they went on to do after their playing career was over.

Dion Dublin

Dublin is now one of the presenters on BBC One’s daytime hit show, Homes Under The Hammer. The former Manchester United man earned his living scoring goals but has now swapped that for his second love: properties. After a number of excellent, confident performances on the television screens, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Dublin headhunted for another television role in the future.

Frank Leboeuf

The former Chelsea man is now an actor and has played a number of roles in some of the world’s most-documented films. Recently, Leboeuf played the doctor that has to tell a young Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) that he will never walk again in The Theory of Everything. Like Dublin, he has also shone in front of the cameras and could well earn more acting roles elsewhere. Leboeuf still keeps up with his football and plays for Jason Statham’s amateur side, Hollywood United.

Roman Pavlyuchenko

Pavlyuchenko, who joined Tottenham Hotspur for £13.8 million in 2008, is now a politician and is a deputy representative of the Duma, i.e the city council. He is part of Vladimir Putin’s party, the United Russia party, and it turns out that he’s much better at politics than he ever was at football. Who’d have known…