Just like everyone who listens to MLS Talk’s podcast my good friend Kartik Krishnaiyer does an excellent job as host even as the host of CSRN’s American Soccer Show. He had Mr. Jamie Trecker on his last podcast and I admit that my opinion of Mr. Trecker has been negative. Whenever I read his articles on Fox Soccer’s website in my opinion I felt that he hasn’t been informing us what his thoughts are, it’s been more yelling at us like little children trying to hammer his ideas into our heads. An attitude of “It’s either my way or the highway”.

But this time around I felt Mr. Trecker has showed he does know what he talks about not so much as a soccer writer, but the current economic situation that has fallen here in the USA, the region and the world. With that being said I have found within myself agreeing with some of the things that he has said in the latest podcast of MLS Talk. But I do find some of the things he has said that are in a very nice way of putting it, disagreeable.

When your talk about who our US National Team head coach should be or as he put it “A legitimate International Coach” Please give me some names and please tell me who is going to come here and teach our players to play at a higher level. After all Jurgen Klinsmann who was suppose to be the successor of Bruce Arena after the 2006 World Cup decided at the final hour not to coach our National Team. Of course the usual suspects are Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Rafael Benitz, or hired gun Guus Hiddink. The last time I checked, US Soccer’s wallet won’t be getting lighter any time soon.

No matter how many times I have asked this question and asked for names of coaches that want to be here, no one has given me a good reason. It’s not so much that a big name has to come, but that particular coach must know the insides and out of the CONCACAF region. Just ask Sven-Goran Eriksson. He’s having a tough time right now trying to settle down the problems & getting out of the losing funk that Mexico is in right now. I can give you the names of two people who I think can help our national team in the future. Dutch coach Leo Beenhakker who is in Poland right now as he was the head coach of Trinidad & Tobago during their 2006 World Cup run or Alexander Guimeresh from Costa Rica. If the usual suspects that people say should come over and coach our national team, it’s not going to happen. No one would hire them to run a Nats side in Europe if they took the job as USA National Team coach.

Mr. Trecker also commented on the three MLS sides that participated in this past qualifying round and group stage of the CONCACAF Champions League. We all know that the Houston Dynamo are in the knockout round, but the reasons were not heart or tactics or not giving a damn. For DC United it has been injuries, but for Chivas-USA, Houston & New England it was simply a case of fixture congestion meaning the interference with the participation of Superliga. You saw those players honestly giving it their all, but were too exhausted, physically and mentally that they paid the price of losing. Not taking anything away from those clubs that beat up on those three, but still they weren’t at their top form. I honestly don’t think Preki or Steve Nicol who is a Liverpool legend would take this tournament lightly. So to say that our boys had the same amount of time off before the CONCACAF Champions League like the rest of the confederation or like Montreal & Puerto Rico, these two sides never got involved with Superliga.

I understand that Mr. Trecker believes that we should be better than what our clubs and National Team has shown, but while saying the things he has said, you have to look at it in a realistic point of view. When it comes to our National Team, sometimes Soccer house in Chicago doesn’t know what they are doing and at times MLS handcuff’s themselves when the bigger picture is actually alot better than the deals that they do to get better.

Also when it comes to the situation with Portland, Oregon. There is support for the game whether it’s in the USL or MLS. There are passionate supporters in the northwest outside of Seattle. I believe that Portland will work no matter which league they will be playing their matches in.

So once again, all Mr. Trecker has to do is dig a little bit deeper than what he normally does and I think we can all agree with him with some of the things he says. But till then, let’s wait for the next overly opinionated Jamie Trecker article.