The fall-out from Chelsea's draw with Burnley continued on Monday night as Sean Dyche responded to criticism of one of his players.

The Burnley manager was moved to film a 10-minute video interview which was published on his club's YouTube channel and was named 'Dyche brings balance to Stamford Bridge events'.

Livid Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho had a number of issues in the wake of the game, including suggesting that Ashley Barnes' challenge on Nemanja Matic – which went unpunished but promoted Matic to shove him and get sent off – was a "criminal tackle".

Mourinho was also angry about another Barnes tackle and two penalty claims, and added further opinion when appearing on Sky Sports' Goals on Sunday program.

His club's website also made clear its unhappiness, breaking down the four "crucial moments" that Mourinho spoke of.

Below are Chelsea's version of events, compared with those of Dyke.

Minute 30

Chelsea: Branislav Ivanovic is felled by a challenge from Burnley's Ashley Barnes who escapes punishment.

Dyche: Having seen the evidence and my view at the moment, I think the referee had a similar position to my angle. The player looks like he is going across to make a challenge – he bundles into the player, it's fair to say, I can't imagine that to be deemed anything more than at most a yellow card. Worst-case scenario in my opinion would be a yellow, almost impossible to be a red.

Minute 33

Chelsea: The Blues are denied a clear penalty as Ivanovic's shot strikes the arm of Michael Kightly inside the penalty area.

Dyche: A lot of these things are shown retrospectively, but what wasn't picked up, it hit him on his thigh first, it cannons up; for the referee to see that would be incredible. When you see it slowed down in HD it clearly cannons on to his thigh and his arm; you would expect that to be given.

Minute 43

Chelsea: A second clear penalty appeal is turned away, this time after Diego Costa was pushed to the ground by Jason Shackell.

Dyche: Personally I think it's one your damned if you do, damned if you don't. He's cutting in, he's a big fella, Jason Shackell gets a mild hand on him – is that enough to go down? I think that's a close one and a real tough one for referees.

Minute 69

Chelsea: Barnes goes through Nemanja Matic with a potentially leg-breaking tackle, a challenge which ultimately led to Matic's dismissal.

Dyche: I said after the game, my instant impression was a coming together at an unusual angle. The pendulum motion of his leg, he swings through the ball and hits Matic on the shin. I need to make this clear, please look at the reaction from a bunch of expert footballers, the likes of John Terry, a real warrior and top-class professional, (Kurt) Zouma, big strong boys, (Branislav) Ivanovic, right on top of this moment. Jose Mourinho, a similar view to me, the crowd behind me circa 15,000, no-one reacts, excluding Matic, live-time.

Now, my point is, live-time, a referee has a chance at live-speed time and if you look at the footage, the camera pans back to Jose and he's calmly talking to his assistant about what they should do.

After the event, with hindsight, slow-mo, camera view, statements like criminal tackle are being used. I find that hard to adjust to when at live-time, 15,000 fans, their expert staff including a high-quality manager, their players… I played all of my life and when moments like that occur it's very rare there's not a reaction to that moment.

After the event, when you slow-mo, re-angle, it looks an ugly challenge, the ball is still made contact with. I must make it clear, when you see it slow-mo, it doesn't look a pleasant challenge, but at live speed, these are expert people who don't even flinch. A real tough one, I feel it hard to believe, all these people who have come out, especially the manager, using very strong phrases, didn't have any reaction at all at that live moment. I find that hard to accept at that live moment.