Everton manager Roberto Martinez recently sat down and revealed his vision and passion for the sport and the club in an enlightening interview with the Followtonians Podcast, a show hosted by Evertonians based in the US and UK.

In an enlightening interview, Martinez discusses:

— how adept the Everton players were to switching to a new formation and a new style of play,

— who his influences are in regards to the playing style he believes in,

— how the owners and chairmen play such a pivotal role in the long-term success of a club,

— what a typical training day is like for Martinez, his players and coaches, and his philosophy of making sure that the ball is an integral part of each training session,

— what the best job in the world is (and it’s not football management),

– And much more.

Whether you’re an Everton supporter or not, this is a must-listen interview with a manager who has warmed the hearts of many US soccer fans, myself included, who have watched Martinez on ESPN’s coverage of the World Cup and European Championships.

With Martinez and the excellent probing questions from the Followtonians podcast team, you can tell that the Everton manager is the genuine article and a very likable man who knows how to get the best out of his players and staff.

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