I’m just getting into the world of podcasts which seem destined to change the internet in similar fashion as blogging did just a few years back. Several soccer related podcasts are available online including World Soccer Daily from Sirius Radio and ESPN Soccernet extra from the Disney folks themselves. But for my tastes, the best podcast is the somewhat irreverent and entertaining “Soccer Shout” which focuses on the EPL by Tony and Phil. Soccer Shout is a home spun effort which won’t give you the fancy statistics and live game reports the ESPN or Sirius shows give, but will give the objective voice of true passionate soccer fans who aren’t shills for some network or club. Moreover, Phil and Tony don’t just mention Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Yoo and Liverpool while glossing over the rest of the EPL like the other shows because they understand the passion and following of some other English teams including my beloved blues of Man City. Just last week while the UEFA cup was ignored by the large media outlets and other podcasts focused on the EPL big 4, Tony and Phil dedicated Friday to reviewing the UEFA cup, where 4 EPL sides are participating. Soccer Shout is a keeper and it is available free on itunes. I give it my biggest possible recommendation.

Check it out @ http:\/\/soccershout.com