The broadcast of the FA Cup 5th Round game between Arsenal against Liverpool, which was televised live on FOX Sports 2 on Sunday, February 16, set a record this week for the most-watched program on FOX Sports 2 since its launch in August, 2013.

The match was shown live on US television on Sunday morning, featuring two of the most historic teams in English football. The match, which ended in a 2-1 victory to the Gunners, was viewed by an average of 257,000 people.

While the viewing audience is decent considering that FOX Sports 2 has a small subscriber base and isn’t available in HD to most viewers in the United States, FOX Sports has come under a lot of criticism this week for relegating coverage of FA Cup and UEFA Champions League matches to FOX Sports 2 in favor of showing NASCAR on FOX Sports 1. Whether FOX’s decision to feature NASCAR instead of soccer, in instances, on FOX Sports 1 is due to contractual reasons or ratings, experiences like this were always going to happen after FOX decided to close FOX Soccer, which was a dedicated 24/7 soccer network that didn’t run into the issue of programming that conflicted with its marquee matches.

Have no fear, next week’s high-profile UEFA Champions League matches will be shown on FOX Sports 1.

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