From June 7 to June 29, Austria and Switzerland will be the hosts of Euro 2008, which pits the best European nations against each other in a tournament format similar to the World Cup.

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June 7, Noon ET: Switzerland v Czech Republic
June 7, 2:45pm ET: Portugal v Turkey
June 8, Noon ET: Austria v Croatia
June 8, 2:45pm ET: Germany v Poland
June 9, Noon ET: Romania v France
June 9, 2:45pm ET: Netherlands v Italy
June 10, Noon ET: Spain v Russia
June 10, 2:45pm ET: Greece v Sweden
June 11, Noon ET: Czech Republic v Portugal
June 11, 2:45pm ET: Switzerland v Turkey
June 12, Noon ET: Croatia v Germany
June 12, 2:45pm ET: Austria v Poland
June 13, Noon ET: Italy v Romania
June 13, 2:45pm ET: Netherlands v France
June 14, Noon ET: Sweden v Spain
June 14, 2:45pm ET: Greece v Russia
June 15, 2:45pm ET: Turkey v Czech Republic
June 15, 2:45pm ET: Switzerland v Portugal
June 16, 2:45pm ET: Austria v Germany
June 16, 2:45pm ET: Poland v Croatia
June 17, 2:45pm ET: France v Italy
June 17, 2:45pm ET: Netherlands v Romania
June 18, 2:45pm ET: Greece v Spain
June 18, 2:45pm ET: Russia v Sweden

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