A serious soccer fan is never alone. We are a legion, and soccer is often the only thing we have in common.” Hunter S Thompson.

Supporting your team in the World Cup is one of the greatest joys for soccer fans. However, the stadiums can hold only so many seats. What about the legions of fans that are left without their voices being heard? How do you bring the soccer tribe into one global stadium where they can voice support for their favorite team(s) , socialize, share pictures and videos, organize in groups and be rewarded?  We call that the global stadium, a home of the global 12th player/man and Fanspectrum provides the concept and technology behind it.

The main concept of Fanspectrum is “Support” that is shown in real time on a global map. Certainly you can use “likes” and “followers” to measure numbers and influence but are they relevant when it comes to fans actually supporting the team during a specific match? Does FC Barcelona, as the leader in sports social media, really get support by its 62 million likes during the game? That would be one extremely large stadium. This is how we create that stadium.

During sign up process, the user has to choose his location and favorite teams. Favorite teams are the expression of users’ loyalty, and location provides the users’ seat in the global stadium.

The core feature of Fanspectrum is the Fan Battle where fans of one team battle against fans of the other team. By selecting “Support” for a specific team, the user enters that Fan battle with its feed. “Support” itself has 3 levels: “Full support” means complete support for the team, “Respect” is to show that you admire the team, and “Despise” is to show that feeling of rivalry when it’s impossible to like that team and therefore you despise it.  Every fan has those feelings. The team with the most “Support” wins the Fan Battle.

Fan Army is our second feature and can be described as a cross between MeetUp and group chat, where like minded fans can create their own entity which we call a Fan Army. Our vision is to create a network of unofficial supporter clubs here.

The third feature is the interactive global map (we call it Demographics for now), that shows the support given. This is the global stadium. Fans can see other fans and interact with each other.

All the activity on Fanspectrum, especially considering support and getting more people to support, is analyzed through our system and presented on Leaderboards, where the 12th player/man is crowned.

Every sport is played for fans. Fans need to be acknowledged and rewarded. Our goal is to give every fan that opportunity.

Download Fanspectrum in the iTunes App Store or download at Google Play.