Manchester United will officially unveil their new away jersey for the 2010-2011 Premier League season on Wednesday, August 4th. Designed and manufactured by Nike, the jersey is white with red and black trim and features a chevron designed on the shirt’s shoulder and sleeves as well as the new sponsor’s name on the front of the shirt.

“The white shirt looks traditional and retro like the ones worn in the late 1970’s, but the pattern on the sleeves makes it look modern too,” Rio Ferdinand told The Sun. However, based on my recollection and some research, the only things in common with an away shirt from the ’70s is the white shirt and red and black trim. The away shirts themselves look completely different than this new one. Retro it isn’t.

The other thing that’s disconcerting is that the photograph pictured above looks like it has been touched up with Photoshop so it’s hard to get a sense for whether the colors shown on the shirt represent the true colors. For example, take a look at a leaked picture of the shirt that was uncovered in April of this year. That said, the shirt pictured above looks better than the leaked photo, in my opinion.

The new shirt will be available in stores from September 23.

More pictures of the new Man United away shirt can be found after the jump:

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