The World Cup is agonizingly close, I seem to be spending all my time thinking, reading, or talking about it.

However with all of the different news, blog, and sport sites available on the internet, sifting through the pile for worthwhile material can be a nightmare.

This is why I have, in association with The Gaffer, created the EPL Talk toolbar. It allows you to find the latest football news, blogs, and opinion quickly and efficiently without leaving your current webpage.

Packed full of easy to navigate information, it really is the perfect tool for an avid football fan.

The toolbar features include:

  • Live score updates
  • Football headlines from all the over the World
  • BBC Football and EPL Talk news ticker
  • One click Facebook and Twitter access
  • Available on all browsers except Google Chrome

Sports headlines from the top sites around the world

All of the world sport headlines are available at the click of a button, without you having to change page. If you want to see a story you are taken straight there with a single click.

Latest Scores

Whichever league or team you follow, this application will provide live score information 24/7. This can be done without changing your webpage, so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to be up to date.

BBC Football and EPL Talk News Ticker

Constantly updating, this stock exchange style application loops the latest headlines from the BBC football website and our very own EPL talk. See something you like? Click the link and you are there in an instant. 


By clicking the Facebook icon you can login and receive alerts or check your inbox without changing pages, particularly useful if you want to keep working or surfing whilst keeping in touch with your Facebook world. 







Twitter – access to the latest Twitter feeds for EPL Talk and the top names in football. Constantly being updated the feeds featured will be updated throughout the tournament to find the most interesting football tweets out there.