One of the misfortunes of living outside the United Kingdom and supporting English football is that when a legend dies, there are incredible heartwarming documentaries and news programs shown in the UK profiling that hero but they’re unavailable due to rights restrictions where I, and many of you, live.

Such was the case this past summer when Sir Bobby Robson died, aged 76. To call him a legend is an understatement. This was a man who achieved so much at Ipswich Town, Newcastle United, Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven, Porto and other clubs, as well as achieving incredible success at England by taking a team within a whisker of making the 1990 World Cup Final.

The above documentary about Bobby Robson’s career was presented by Gary Lineker and aired while Bobby was still manager of Newcastle United. While it isn’t a post-death tribute, it paints a wonderful picture of how great the man was as well as how many friends he had around the world and how well respected he was.