What would you do if a referee does not make a call in your favor? Some would yell and curse at him, others would go crazy and get sent off.

Well Antonio Cassano I guess took it to the next level. The Sampdoria forward, after seeing that the referee did not make a call in their favor screamed and yelled- and left.

Yeah, in the 38th minute against Catania, the neurotic former Italian international walked off the pitch. The efforts of his teammates were to no avail as he kept walking in to the locker room.

This left Riccardo Garrone with no choice but to replace him. Sampdoria would lose that match 1-0. After the game, Garrone mentioned that the Cassano walked off “due to a muscular injury. Nothing else.”

It does seem as if his days at La Samp are over. Just another chapter in the crazy career of a crazy guy.

Juan of LaLigaTalk.com