WATCH ESPN’s New World Cup Video: Every 4 Years, the World Has One Time Zone [VIDEO]

ESPN have released another new video in their series of promos for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. While this one won’t win any awards, it’s a smart concept and it’s something that illustrates how important and pervasive the World Cup tournament is around the world.

Entitled “Time Zone,” the video shows how when the World Cup starts, every fan around the globe has to adjust their schedule to Brazil’s, which means they have to make a little extra effort to watch their team’s matches.

Mobile app users, watch the video here.


4 thoughts on “WATCH ESPN’s New World Cup Video: Every 4 Years, the World Has One Time Zone [VIDEO]”

  1. Its ok better than the first two commercials released but not as good as the third.But nowhere close to the best football tournament promo ive ever seen. After the bbc euro 2004 commercials i hold these things to higher standards.

  2. Good promotion from ESPN.

    Still tough to beat this one from 2010:

    1. Actually my favorite from espn 2010 was the robben island one

      And heres the link to the bbc euro 2004

  3. Mildly disappointed in this year's promos so far. Not a patch on their 2010 efforts. Just hoping they go out in style before they hand the baton to the amateurs at Fox. Worried that they may phone it in.


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