Apple TV

/ 191 days ago

Which streaming playing device is the best to watch soccer?

For soccer fans, a streaming playing device is something such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV or something similar. In each of these cases, these are practically smart TVs that can hook up to anything with an HDMI port. What makes these devices special is the fact that they allow access to the […]

Transfer News

/ 192 days ago

Who is the best transfer to a new club of all time?

Any time a club announces a big-name signing, fans hope that name becomes the best transfer of all time. Way more often than not, that is not the case. To be fair, it is a tall order to be the 'best' at anything. Last week, we asked about the flip side of this question. Analyzing […]
Stephen Pond


/ 206 days ago

Who is the best soccer player you've seen in person?

We can argue who the greatest footballer is, but who is the best soccer player you've ever seen in person? Many European and South American clubs often make trips to the United States. Summer friendlies, which return to normalcy in 2022, allow major names to show up across the United States. For example, in 2022, […]


/ 212 days ago

What is the best soccer stadium in the world?

Everyone has an opinion on what the best soccer stadium in the world is. Some say it is where their favorite club plays, others prefer national stadiums. Frankly, there is good reason to support one or the other in that regard. For instance, club stadiums have an incomparable atmosphere and history. Take a club like […]

tv coverage

/ 259 days ago

What is the best soccer game you have watched?

Sometimes a fixture ends and we think to ourselves, 'man, that might be the best soccer game I have ever watched.' Of course, there are a lot of factors that come into play. For example, Barcelona fans, such as myself, could say La Remontada against PSG takes the top prize. PSG Fans certainly try to wipe that […]